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Success Redefined: 
Travel, Motherhood & Being the Boss
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Hi, I’m Monique Alvarez and I want to give you a chance to get my book for FREE... 

It's called "Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood, & Being The Boss" and it's going to help you specifically with how to create the freedom to work from anywhere and travel the world.

If you’ve been struggling with thinking that your skills can't translate into an online business...

Then you need this book because, among other things, it reveals how I have been able to travel full-time for the last 2+ years with my family and how you can create the freedom to work from anywhere and travel the world like I have!
What's the Catch?
There’s no catch. The book can be bought on Amazon for $7.99, but I’m doing this because I want to share my story and inspire women around the world to take ownership of their lives and live it on their terms.
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I'm not sure how long I will make this offer available, so jump on this offer and start the journey!
🌟 Here is a sampling of my 5-Star Amazon Reviews...
"I HIGHLY recommend it!"

"WOW - As I sit here reading this book, I'm struck by how much heart Monique reveals, and how much of her personality screams off the pages. 

It's as if I'm sitting next to her with a cup of tea, and having a girlfriend chat. 

I am moved by her excitement and openness to accept all things new, and inspired by her knowledge and understanding of human nature. 

So far I've found this book spot on for information and inspiration to help me follow my dreams. 

Can't wait to soak up every word on every page. I HIGHLY recommend it!

PS - I think you'll fall in love with Monique! Hope she keeps writing more!!!"

~Amazon Customer
"Powerful, Passionate, and Insightful..."

"I'm a homeschooling, work-at-home mom with an itch to do more family traveling, so Monique's perspective on the importance of family and creating balance between all of our ambitions resonates deeply. She speaks candidly about her own story, and I truly admire her ability to connect the dots for readers to implement her strategies in our own lives. The amount of actionable advice she gifts her readers was such a pleasant surprise.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who's neglected themselves or their dreams because of what they think they 'should' be doing. 

Monique's message will inspire you to live more in alignment with your true desires, and gently guide you through simple action steps to make it happen."

~Leah Borski
"This book is the one I've been waiting for..."

"This book is the one I've been waiting for. The one that asks me the questions, and gives me suggestions, but doesn't cram it down my throat. 

Monique's writing draws you in from page one and carries you along on her journey, encouraging you along the way to own who you are, be true to that person and create your own journey. Having worked with Monique, I know her style; however, the paper version is more raw, open, and vulnerable.

Whether you are a mother, a business owner, a traveler, or maybe just someone looking for understanding and direction, Success Redefined will ask you deep, thought provoking questions that will lead you to redefine what success mean to you and how you show up in the world to achieve it."

~Amazon Customer
"Read this book!"

"What I love about this book is its no nonsense clarity and authenticity. It's straight, strong and true advice, lived and learned by Monique.

She has a passion for passing along the gifts she has received, so that others can live at their highest potential.

Monique articulates the reasons why world travel is such a teacher of children of all ages. 

Whether or not you are a mother there is much to learn from this book about achieving your true goals.

Well done, Monique!"

"Perfect for Adventurous Hearts"

"This book is an inspiration and a kick in the pants to start living the life you want to live...especially if that life involves running your own business and/or plenty of travel! 

Monique blends personal stories of both heartache and success with lots of easy-to-follow tips and tricks to manifest your wildest desires. 

If, like me, your spirit is yearning for adventure while your body is stuck in the rat race, this book is for you. I'll be reading this again and again as I build my own business and start planning my next trip!!"

~Haley Stone
"Life is an Adventure so why spend it living a boring one??"

"Lovely book about how one woman is brave enough to stop lisitening to excuses & living what many would consider the American Dream (complete with mortgage & 2 cars)... 

But which was not making her fullfiled or happy, & instead stepped into her authentic & happy life, which is spent with her family living the freedom of a nomadic life. 

She shares some of her techniques & is willing to create a road map for YOU to create your own Life of Travel & Adventure!"

~NatureYoga Kids
"Empowering. Uplifting Thought provoking."

"So moving and thought provoking! So empowering! 

"The impact of another human being, in sincere communication and interaction, changes us. This ripple is forever and we can never really understand exactly how far it goes." 

This book has something for everyone at any stage or age in their life. We can all identify with every part of this book. The way Monique shares and articulates, will keep you empowered, charged up, and accepting of yourself and others no matter your journey. 

"It's very important for us to gather all parts of ourselves, and to show up fully to everyone." 

Get this for yourself and share it with everyone. They will be forever grateful that you did."

~Kiffany Resendiz
"Read it NOW"

"I came across with your book today and loved it, read it all in about 5 hours, I devoured it !!! 

It's very inspiring your story from many angles.

1) I'm a single man but still felt in sync with your message, I've been wanting to find a way to travel the world and make money while I do it, and your book was inspiring.

2) Being gay I still want to be a dad one day and I've always had this idea that however that happens, it can make difficult to keep traveling and after reading your book I feel I have no more valid excuses.

3) And your strong desire for making your own money was powerful.

Thanks for writing this book ! Hugs to you all from Australia"

~Anelxander Perez
"A beautiful rendition by a beautiful woman"

"As women we often change once we get married and have children: we somehow lose our true self. 

This book is an empowerment anthem for all women who have been there. 

Women who know there's so much more out there for them but may not know how to make it happen. 

For the women who want more travel in their life and yet at the same time, want to run a successful and fulfilling business. 

The women who are not willing to sacrifice their time with their family just to conform to the norms of society. 

A beautiful rendition by a beautiful woman."

~Linda Enoh
About Monique
"I help women create a self-designed business and lifestyle."

Through her Business School, sold out programs, thriving Facebook community, and contributor articles, Monique inspires women by her results-driven practical nature as well as her grounded spiritual approach.

She shows how community, accountability, and belief takes regular women from self doubt to providing for their families and realizing their wildest dreams through a business they love.
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